Drone Repair and Tech Support

Experience a crash or technical issue you cant figure out. No worries we are here to help! We offer free quotes and consultation via webcam, Facebook Messenger, and Email.

Please email us direct with your request at info@midwestcustomdrones.com or contact us through our About Us page by submitting your contact information.

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Services Offered

Remote Beta Flight and BLHELI32 Configuration

  • Remotely Configure New Drone Builds
  • Flash and Update to most recent Firmware.
  • Configure BetaFlight, KISS, INAV Remotely
  • Configure BLHELI 32 + BLHELI S

Remote Custom PID and Filter Tune

  • Black Box Tuning
  • Discuss PID tuning and Presets
  • Discuss RPM Filtering and Filters
  • Discuss Rates and EXPO for different flight situations

Remote OSD and RX Setup

  • Remotely Configure Proper Serial RX and MSP for OSD.
  • Remote Configure OSD and add OSD elements, change fonts, and color.
  • Configure Receiver Protocols such as - Team Black Sheep Crossfire, Tracer, ELRS, and DJI protocols in BF, KISS, INAV.
  • Configure Modes, Rates, Stick Output Mapping.
  • Discuss the bind method and updating of RX/TX firmwares.

Remote GPS Configuration

  • Properly Configure and Tune GPS.
  • Setup RTH.
  • Setup OSD features.
  • Setup Mode Switches.

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