• Custom Drone Builds

    Profesionaly Hand Built Custom RTF / PNP / BNF HD Drone Builds. We specialize in everything from Sub250g, Cinewhoops, Freestyle, Long Range, and Heavy Lifter Cinelifters builds!

  • Drone Repair & Tech Support

    Experience a crash or technical issue you cant figure out. No worries we are here to help! We offer free quotes and consultation via email, webcam/webchat, and over the phone.

  • 3D Prints and Custom Designs

    Custom 3D prints and Designs avaliable for all drones. The options are limitless!


Cinematic and Freestyle 5"

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    Legend! Thanks so much, you have been super helpful. - We Give a Shot

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    Extremely durable & reliable builds! Flies absolutely amazing. Great work! - Brad

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    Drone looks and flys great! Quality work. Fast shipping! - Chris

Capture the Moment


Located and manufactured in the USA

  • HQ - Minneapolis MN
  • On-Site Production and Manufacturing
  • Hand Crafted

Custom PID Tune + Filtering

  • Custom PID Tune and Filter for BF 4.4
  • Custom OSD configured
  • Custom Rates for Racing, Freestyle, and Cinematic
  • Modes are pre-assigned and configured

Highest Quality Parts and Craftsmanship

  • Hand Crafted and Assembled
  • Highest Quality Electronics
  • Custom Tune and Configuration
  • Partnered with Premium FPV companies - DJI, T-Motor, Ethix, TBS, 399 Project, NBD, GEPRC, Radiomaster, Tattu, CNHL, and Diatone.

Customer Support

  • Located in the USA
  • Quick Response and Turn Around
  • Offer 100% Remote Tech Support
  • Team of Professionals